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Foods that your dog should avoid eating

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Here at Dog Clothes Hub we love dogs, and we want to make sure that dogs of all shapes and sizes look gorgeous! We also want to make sure that dog owners have all the information that they need to properly look after and care for their pooches.

One area that often surprises us, is how owners are not aware of what foods are safe for their dog to eat. So, to make sure that you understand, we have put together our list of foods that you should avoid giving to your dog and why it is important that you do this.


Know that feeling that alcohol gives you? Well, it has the same impact on the brain and liver of your dog, however, even a small amount of alcohol can have an effect for them. Alcohol consumption can cause diarrhoea, breathing problems, vomiting and even a risk of coma, which are not things that you want your dog to have to contend with.




Now this is more of an ingredient that you can find in particular foods. Especially sweets, chewing gum and some baked goods. Xylitol causes the blood sugar within your dog to drop, and can even cause liver failure. Signs to watch out for this include vomiting, lethargy, and problems walking. Your dog may also have seizures.


coffee beans


You may find your dog has a bit of penchant for drinking out of your cup, and if this is tea or coffee you should try to stop them from diving in. Caffeine can be fatal for dogs, which means that if they have drunk any of your tea or coffee, you should keep a close eye on them for signs of muscle twitches, fast breathing and restlessness.




It may not be something that you think to feed your dog, but if avocado is in something that you are eating, then make sure that you don’t share that with your dog. It contains persin, which in large quantities can be poisonous to your dogs. Which means it is better to be safe the sorry when allowing them access to this fruit.


ice cream

Milk and dairy

You may think that it is only fair to help your dog to cool down on a hot day, but this shouldn’t be with an ice cream. Dairy products can give a dog digestive problems including diarrhoea, as well as trigger food allergies too!



Grapes and Raisins

You may think of them as a healthy treat, and they are great for humans, but for dogs, grapes and raisins are never a good idea. In small amounts they can make a dog sluggish and depressed, but in large quantities they can even cause kidney failure.




Most dog owners will know that chocolate is a big no-no for their pets. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate is the worst for them to eat. It can cause vomiting and diarrhoea in smaller quantities, but if ingested in larger quantities it can cause heart problems, seizures and can even be fatal.


You often hear of the phrase of give a dog a bone. But this really isn’t accurate. Bones can become stuck in the throat of your dog causing them to choke, and they can also splinter whilst being chew on which can cause cuts or blockages internally.

So, now you know more about some of the things that you really should avoid giving to your dog. Why not take a look through our awesome range and treat them to something that they can wear instead?


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