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Best Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer Months

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Warmer weather is here and the temperature keeps going up. As Summer approaches, we often begin to envision ourselves at the beach soaking up the sun’s rays and shaking off the cold of winter. For dog owners, it’s a different story. We need to take extra care of our pets to ensure their safety when the summer heat arrives.

Dogs, unlike people, don’t wear shoes and aren’t able to change into something cooler as the temperature gets hotter. They rely on us to help keep them cool and comfortable in the summer months so here at Dog Clothes Hub, we have created this handy list of ways that you can help your dog stay cool even on the hottest of days. Read along and use these tips this summer:


Make sure your dog has plenty of water. Ensuring that your pet has access to clean drinking water is important as they need just as much, if not more, water than we do. As a rule, dogs needs anywhere from 8 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds of weight.

Look for shady areas at the beach and in parks. Making sure that your dog has access to a shady spot will help them cool off faster and keep them from overheating. There are specialised shelters that you can purchase and take to the beach or park with you that will give them instant shade.

Don’t give them the hot foot. During the hot summer months, the pavement can become quite hot. We don’t feel it as much because we wear shoes, but your dog is essentially barefoot and the hot pavement can burn his feet. If the ground is too hot for your feet, walk your dog in the grass or other surface.

Plan your day around the sun. If you have errands to run or you have particular dog walking schedule, be sure that it isn’t midday when the sun’s rays are strongest. This will benefit both you and your pet.

Treat your dog to an ice cream. Although ice cream isn’t healthy for pets, there is special ice cream treats that you can buy for your dog that will help them cool down on those hot days. Many are available at your local grocer and some ice cream vendors also carry dog-friendly ice cream treats.

Turn on the AC at home and in the car. Many people choose to leave the air conditioning off to save money but your pets may suffer. Remember, they have a thick coat of fur which is equivalent to you wearing a jacket all summer long. If the temperature goes up and your dog looks like he is panting more than usual, turn on the AC to help him cool off.

With these tips, you and your dog can have a fun and safe summer whether playing at the beach or in a park, or just taking a walk.

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